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22 April 2017-23 April 2017: CCBA::Gouden Spiker Festival

Location: Ureterp, Netherlands
I will once again accompany the CCB Academy to the Gouden Spiker Festival 2017, where we will participate in the third division with the test Piece “A Tameside Overture” by Philip Sparke. The band will perform between 5:30pm and 8:00pm and the event will be streamed live on Omrop Fryslân.

06 May 2017 13:30-14:30: LTE: Trombone Day 2017

Location: Muziekcentrale Adams B.V., Aziëstraat 17-19, 6014 DA Ittervoort\
The Limburg Trombone Ensemble organises a trombone day with teachers/soloists Martin Schippers (Koningklijk Concertgebouworkest), Thomas Horch (Symphonieorchester Bayerische Rundfunk), Armin Bachmann (Slokar Quartet), Lode Smeets (Philharmonie Zuidnederland) and Sandor Hendriks (Philharmonie Zuidnederland).
The program consists of three Workshops: warmups/breathing/Basics, individual lessons and ensemble playing. At 4:30pm the Limburg Trombone Ensemble will perform a concert with the teachers/soloists, led by Martijn Pepels.
For more Information, visit LTE Trombone Dag.

13 May 2017-14 May 2017: Linne: Concert

Location: Linne
Concert with Koninklijke Harmonie Lentekrans Linne.

21 May 2017-22 May 2017: GSF: Byspikerdei

Location: MFC De Wier, Ureterp
Together with my daughter, I will participate at the youth Workshop (until age 14) Byspikerdei, as part of the Gouden Spiker Festival 2017. At 16:00 the participants will perform a concert (free entrance).

15 June 2017 10:00-13:00: CCB: Rehearsal Day

Location: Cologne
Rehearsal day with Cologne Concert Brass.

24 June 2017-25 June 2017: BBM: Concert

Location: D'n Binger, Meijel, Netherlands
Concert with Brass Band Merum as preparation for the World Music Contest in Kerkrade.

01 July 2017 19:00-21:30: CCB: Tryout Concert

Location: Luther church, Solingen
Concert with Cologne Concert Brass as preparation for the World Music Contest in Kerkrade.

06 July 2017 20:00-22:30: CCB: Try-out Concert

Location: Cologne
Try out concert with Cologne Cobcert Brass and Brass Band Baden as preparation for the World Music Contest in Kerkrade.

07 July 2017 20:00-21:30: BBM: Open Rehearsal

Location: Hoofdstraat 2, 6049 EB Herten, Netherlands
Open rehearsal with Brass Band Merum as preparation for the World Music Contest in Kerkrade. Admission is free!

08 July 2017-09 July 2017: BBM/CCB: World Music Contest

Location: Rodahal, Kerkrade
Participation with Brass Band Merum and Cologne Concert Brass at the World Music Contest.

01 October 2017 12:30-16:00: CCB: Churchfest Rondorf

Location: EKG, Carl-Jatho-Str, Rondorf
Annual churchfest with Cologne Concert Brass in Rondorf includibg open air concert.

20 October 2017 19:30-22:00: CCB: Gala concert

Location: Cologne
Annual gala concert with Cologne Cncert Brass.

11 May 2018-14 May 2018: CCB: Deutsche Brass Band Meisterschaft

Location: Bad Kissingen, 97688 Bad Kissingen, Germany
German nationals with Cologne Concert Brass. The band will most likely participate in the 1st division.