Personal website of Jannes Drost-Tenfelde, resident bass trombone player at Cologne Concert Brass and Brass Band Merum

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My name is Jannes Drost-Tenfelde. I am a Frisian/Dutchman, born in Friesland in the Netherlands and currently residing in Germany near the metropole Cologne.

In my free time, I am an enthusiastic bass trombone player, mostly active in the brass band scene in the Netherlands and Germany. I am resident bass trombonist at Cologne Concert Brass and Brass Band Merum and former member of De Spijkerpakkenband and Soli Brass. Besides the unique brass band sound, I enjoy the competativeness within the brass band scene and I have been fortunate to have been part of several outstanding brass band performances in the past.

In my professional life, I am a software architect involved in military research and development projects, building software systems for military or military-related customers.

This website mostly contains information about my past and current activities in the musical world, describing bands and events in which I am active.

Video: Proclamation - Gordon Langford 1)

Upcoming Events

Here is a list of upcoming events…

1) This is a video made at the Cologne Concert Brass gala concert of 2010, where I performed the solo 'Proclamation' by Gordon Langford.
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