Brass Band Sachsen

Brass Band Sachsen is a championship section english-style brass band, located in Frankenberg/Sachsen in Germany.

I joined this band in February 2018 as a substitute, accompanying the band to the German nationals 2018 in Bad Kissingen.



  • 2018 - Now, Bass Trombone

Cologne Concert Brass

Cologne Concert Brass is a british style brass band from Cologne, Germany. Since the beginning of 2013, the band has been competing in the highest division in Germany, the “Höchststufe”. CCB is conducted by Heinrich Schmidt. CCB is an ambassador for brass bands in Germany and continues to build up its reputation both nationally and internationally.

I have been the resident bass trombonist of Cologne Concert Brass since March 2008. The social environent in CCB compares well to my previous experiences with Soli Brass and de Spijkerpakkenband and I am very happy to play with these wonderful people and friends. Website



  • 2008 - 2019, Bass Trombone
  • 2020 - now, Eb Bass

Limburgs Trombone Ensemble

The Limburg Trombone Ensemble was created in 1999 and is led by Sandor Hendriks. The ensemble mainly consists of amateur trombonists from all over the province of Limburg, who play in renowned Ha-Fa-Bra orchestras and amateur symphony orchestras.

The ensemble works on a project basis and aims to promote “the trombone” in Limburg and beyond. Website


2014-Now Bass Trombone

Brass Band Merum

Brass Band Merum is a first section brass band from Merum-Roermond (Netherlands). I was asked by the band to perform with them at the World Music Contest of 2009. Since 2010, whilst technically not being a member, I've played regulary with the band, rarely giving up the seat to others.

The band always gives me a warm welcome and I always return home with a smile on my face after having played with them. Website


2009-2017 Bass Trombone


This 1st section band is where I grew up in brass banding. The band is like a family, where each has their own spot and everyone is accepted. The social climate within the Spijkerpakkenband is special, which sometimes leads to exceptional performances and certainly to special experiences.

When I joined the band in 1995, it was mostly a youth band, consisting of very young and inexperienced players. Throughout the years, the band grew into a steady 1st Section band and many wonder if it will stop there. The band has been very consistent over the years and it always feels like coming home, whenever I meet them. It always makes me happy hearing that they are doing well. Website


1995-2002 Basstrombone
2005-2007 2nd trombone

Soli Brass

Soli Brass is a Championship Section brass band from Leeuwarden, the Netherlands. I remember the phone call I received in 2000 by the band's resident bass trombonist Erwin Dijkstra very well. It's special being invited into a championship section band, especially in that era.

After I moved to the south for work, I had to leave the band in 2008. I still follow the band with high interest and always look forward to hearing from them. Website


2000-2005 Bass/Tenor Trombone
2007-2008 Tenor Trombone

Other Memberships

  • Brass Band Limburg (2008)
  • Koperensemble de Wâldsang (1998-2001)
  • De Lofklank Ureterp (1997-2000)
  • CMV Euphonia Wijnjewoude (1989-1996)


  • Brass Band Sachsen
  • CCB Academy
  • Koninklijke Harmonie “Lentekrans” Linne
  • Kölsche Adler
  • Brass Band Musikhochschule Folkwang
  • Big Band Meppen
  • CWO Groningen
  • Noordelijk Fanfare Orkest
  • Brass Band De Bazuin Ureterp
  • TOF Superband
  • TOF Orchestra
  • Big Band Emmen
  • De Harrekieten Surhuisterveen
  • Fanfare EMM Oudega
  • San Marco Brass
  • Kölner Blechkapell
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