Study Material

It is often difficult to find the correct way of practicing at home. With the help of a good friend of mine, Erwin Dijkstra, I have assembled a list of study material that I use daily to improve my playing.


Ben's Basics

Mastering the Tuba, Volume 1 - Roger Bobo

Play through all exercises in a slow tempo, upkeeping a good tone quality. Play once a day.

New Method for the Modern Bass Trombone - Eliezer Aharoni

“A fine and sensible method book which covers all aspects of the modern bass trombone, all of its possible tuning combinations, exercises, slide and valve fingering charts, etc.” - Douglas Yeo

One “Position” per day, with according “Prepairing Exercise” and “Study”

Technical Exercises

24 Studies for Bass Trombone - Grigoriev

“A fine book of etudes (Russian) which are all in an A-B-A form, covering the full range of the bass trombone. Most are technical, some are expressive, all are well written. - Douglas Yeo

One study per day

20 Studies for Bass Trombone - Stephanovsky

These exercises improve your sliding technique. Do follow Stephanovsky's advice as to where to use the valves and where not. This method is slightly more difficult than the Grigoriev method. One study per day.


Bel Canto Studies for Tuba or Bass Trombone - Marco Bordogni

This method is great for practicing Legato in the lower register. One study per day .

6 Chello Suites - J.S. Bach, adapted for Trombone by Keith Brown

These suites help you improve your legato. One part of a Suite per day.

Prima Vista / Solo

Solobuch für Posaune - Anton J. Benjamin

Favourite Solo Pieces and Orchestral Solo Passages for the Trombone. This method is to train both the performance of solos and the higher register. One study per day, be very mindful of the frasing.

Unaccompanies solos for bass trombone - Tommy Pedersen

Volume 4 - Studies in Jazz and mixed meters. These solos are very good for improving your “Prima Vista” reading. The difficulty of these solos is quite high. One solo per week .

20 Etudes for Basstrombone - Tomy Pedersen

These solos are good for improving “prima vista” and inotation. The solos are quite well know and great fun to play. One study per day.


Semester of Studies for Bass Trombone - Kauko Kahila

These studies can be used to test and improve your articulation. They are very challenging in both the high and the low register. Kauko was the teacher of Douglas Yeo. One per week.

Brass Band Solos

Fantasy for Trombone by James Curnow
Father Neptune by Roy Newsome
Feelin' Low by Bill Geldard
Frosty the Snowman by Sandy Smith
Hall of the Mountain King Bill Geldard
If I were a rich man by Jerry Bock
I love you because by Joshua Salzmann
I only have eyes for you by Alan Fernie
Mah na, mah na by Stefan Schweigin
Making Whoopee by Hopkinson
Minnie the Moocher by Calloway
Mr. Nice Guy by Adrian Drover
Proclamation by Gordon Langford
My Spanish Heart by Ilja Reijngoud
Rainy Day in Rio by Goff Richards
Stella by Starlight by Bill Geldard
Swing Low, Sweet Chariot by Alan Fernie
Wandrin' Star by Alan Fernie
The Wise Teddy Bear by Thomas Legrady

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